When contemplating the drawings and paintings of Miguel Gómez, it is easy to discover that it is not a language that reflects the everyday,
the conventional. Information overflows the logical mind. The characters and scenes tell stories outside of reality, they are descriptions that do not correspond to the temporal, to the historical and questions arise: What is this…
It is a psychoanalysis… It's an exorcism… they are visions… Dreams… astral travel…? Where does all this come from?
It is possible that it is all of the above and more, but abstracting ourselves from this initial confusion, letting the curious, unprejudiced and childish soul penetrate the paintings and discover that these are other worlds, that they discover another reality or that they are different ways of perceiving reality. Miguel's paintings are a universe full of diverse characters, with expressiveness, with the breath of being, with a life of their own, granted by a creator who also endows them with character, individuality, who interrelates in the scene with criteria and order, to weave the warp of a story in unusual spaces, where each one flies and moves according to indefinable energies.
It is a whole universe evocative of continuous suggestions.
They are poems full of symbolic allusions, with an overwhelming plasticity, with a fantastic zoology very own, capable of describing other worlds, other states of being. To compose stories shrouded in darkness or to open doors to mystery.
There is a very repetitive theme in many of Miguel Gómez's paintings, they are his allusions to time. It uses in a profusely symbolic elements that it gives with a disturbing mystery, as disturbing as time itself: uncontrollable, elusive, abstract and concrete, as precise and irritating. There is a phrase that Miguel writes in one of these paintings – "time is mine" – that sounds like a cry with the energy of thunder and the ability to produce a cavern, which shelters and isolates confused souls from the crushing hum, from the daily and alienating problem. A place to listen to silence, feel pure abstraction and resting mind.

Amador Braojos
2006 Year of the Dog


Surrealism acquires in your work a dose of mystery and imagination that moves the visitor to a dream world typical of the stories that made us dream the most when we were children.
Castles, witches, animals and warriors speak of a fantastic time that you control the second and that we can only intuit. Time is mine is much more than a title, it's a standard of conduct, a principle. It implies the acceptance that your work and an important part of your life are in perfect harmony.
It may be your most hidden facet but it is also one of the most surprising because of the unexpected. Drawing and color, including the lack of it, are controlled just like time and that ability also surprises those who immerse the the most in your works. Art is a path of difficult progress, but you make it easy as if it were a game or a conversation.
There are in your work endless hidden messages, songs and signs that like a labyrinth forces the viewer to navigate through the keys of your imagination, through automatic garlands and scribbles until you find a paradise that has a lot to do with your own life,,, or rather with your way of seeing and living a life that confirms that the country of never-never truly exists.

Fernando Francés

Time through art or time is mine.

The human being carries the art implicit in his biology, we could almost say that he needs to interpret and express his inner and outer reality in different ways. Since the late twentieth century, neuroscience is confirming this theory through numerous studies on brain art and behavior. Miguel Gómez & Molina is one of these brave-humans who has decided to show his inner world, his most ancestral creativity since his own learning, innovating with details and everyday elements of his reality. Like so many artists, Miguel, without having been specifically trained in fine arts or similar studies, has managed to illuminate a personal style by believing in his creative process.
Miguel has also looked at time and has dressed it in gold in his works, taking advantage of the infinite machinery with which he is working every day since his childhood. The inner world that lets us see is drawn through impossible figures, asilvestrate animalists, colors that dance to the sound of their own music, watercolors and fantasy spaces in which the viewer can get lost and enjoy as his own imagination whispers. Because time can be contemplated through art, and you can make time an art. This is shown by the pieces of the watches that escaped from their boxes, and which are inserted as a collage in their works. The dials and hands that were once part of a watch, Miguel made them mutate to become protagonists of some endless story where there is no one to guess their ending. This could be one of the many looks at Miguel's paintings. Mine was years ago when I rediscovered the remains of an automatic watch scattered in one of his paintings, and I thought: It's true, time can be mine, or Miguel's or whoever wants to represent it. Creativity is the ability to transform something through the interpretation that everyone wants to give him, not forgetting that inevitably.. We are the biology of art and time is ours.

María Martínez Hernández (2020)
Cultural mediator | Museologist